Club Penguin Mission 9 Walkthrough – Operation: Spy and Seek

  1. Start Mission 9 by talking to G
  2. Add the duck, blueprint, and the tracking devices to your items
  3. Go towards the dock and chat with the penguin near the dock. You need to fix the boat by pulling on the brown item that is sticking out of the top. After you fix the boat you need to ask to get the pump
  4. Now go to the plaza and chat with the 2 penguins then help them when they get covered in gum then ask if you can keep the gum
  5. Place the gum on the duck and blow it up using the pump, when it is full attach the tracking device to it and then go to the ski village
  6. Enter the Ski Lodge and speak with the penguins playing find 4. Then help them find the other pucks
  7. When your in the attic grab the string off of the ground and then when you have all of the pucks, hand them to the other penguins
  8. Head to the forest and grab sticks off of the ground than combine these sticks, the blue print, and the string together (makes a kite) and attach a tracker to it
  9. Head over to the ski hill and attach the kite to the post
  10. Head over to the mine shack and help fix the trough. Do this by moving the pieces of wood around ( make the trough point right not left )
  11. Help fix the mine cart by welding the damaged areas and then add a tracker to the cart
  12. If you did everything right you’ll get a call and then you need to head over to Head Quarters and grab the binoculars from the desk
  13. Go to Ice Lake (get there from ski lodge ) and use the binoculars and watch G on the other side of the lake
  14. You will get another call and then you should put the binoculars on a tree ( try all the trees if it isn’t working ) and then return to head quarters and watch TV
  15. After all of this you will have completed clun penguin mission 9


  1. nypeople says:

    i love misson 9 so easy and fast but the end doesn’t make sence there shoukd be more to it!!!!

  2. lindsay says:

    hey thx for making this website it helped me out a ton. i got stuck about 17 times with some of the missions, but this website helped me out! anyway, thx again!!!!! :D

  3. Julio says:

    Hey tnks for the help

  4. abby says:

    how do u put it in a tree? other than that everything was brilliant

  5. alice says:

    witch tree do you put the binoculars and phone in

  6. joaquin says:

    cp rocks and this is paint boys 100 real new web site

  7. rosy says:

    hey just wanted to say i was stuck really bad and u got me out of it thnx a whole bunch keep rockin! ps i really needed this, CP can be tuff

  8. Miss Pufy says:

    How do you get the gum off of the penguins?

  9. Dodge says:

    Where do u put the duck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. WAOW says:

    Sorry but, how do I help the two guys with the gum?

  11. KattyBlackyard says:

    The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

  12. Rockhopper says:

    Yeah this and are my two sites

    I work on both, i just wanted another one that i could add cool stuff too like a forum and contests and more!!

  13. nahsi says:

    Is this Paintboy100′s new real site?

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