Money Cheats

If you are looking for a way to get a ton of money or gold coins on Club Penguin then you have come to the right place. We have a ton of cheats and guides to share with you including walkthroughs of how to get gold coins normally, the Money Maker to get you more money then you know what to do with and even you tube step by step guides.

There are truly countless ways to get your penguin more gold coins with some getting you more money than others. Check out all of our money cheats and guides below to start getting rich today!

Looking for the Money Maker?! Click here to get one!

Want to get 500 coins or more really easy in just a few minutes?! Well just play the Ice Fishing mini game and you will get your gold coins in no time. Follow the steps below to start your money making journey. You need to be a member to do this cheat!

Time to get those coins!
club penguin big fish 300x201   Money Cheats

Step 1: Go to the Ski Lodge and buy the fishing rod that allows you to catch Grey Fish. (These are huge fish!) These fish are all worth 8 coins so if you catch, say 20 of them, you will earn 160 coins!

Step 2: You should now try to catch the Mullet Fish. This is an even bigger fish and you will earn 100 coins each time you catch one! To so so check out the next few steps below.

Step 3: Have a yellow fish and hold it next to a Mullet Fish’s mouth when it passes. If you do it right the Mullet Fish will grab it. Keep doing this and your coins will rack up in no time!


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