New Elite Penguin Force Message By Gary

Oh no! This very early morning I logged on Club Penguin to play Find Four and a few other games with my buddies until I realized that Gary has sent us an Elite Penguin Force message which made my heart sink to the bottom of my chest I was and still am extremely upset! In this EPF message Gary tells us that he honestly doesn’t know what he can fix in the Elite Penguin Force HQ at the moment! Here is the full message:

Gel 420x230   New Elite Penguin Force Message By Gary

Perhaps we will have to build yet another Club Penguin HQ for the Elite Penguin Force agents such as myself which is very sad to say because this had already occurred once which really brings my spirits down! Perhaps Herbert will be able to take over Club Penguin after all! Do you think Herbert will take over Club Penguin? Make sure to comment and tell us!


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