The Old Club Penguin – Taking A Look Back

A lot of people who play club penguin now didn’t play club penguin when it first came out. So i thought it would be cool to take a look back at the old club penguin. So here’s a look back at the original club penguin, the club penguin of old.

Here’s the original homepage and log-in screen for club penguin. This was what club penguin was like 4 years ago.

About a year later club penguin decided to change their homepage and log in screen and this is the 2nd generation log in screen used on club penguin.

Here’s a look at the old club penguin igloo, it also has the original club penguin band members playing in it. I think this is pretty funny and it’s got some weird music so i’de turn your volume down so your family doesn’t think your crazy.
Click Here For The Old CP Igloo

Here’s one of the original club penguin headers for . It’s not too different than the kind of stuff on CP now but most of the people on this site probably haven’t seen it yet.
Click Here For An Original CP Header

Here’s another old header that club penguin used, it’s actually still on there website you just have to know what to type in the address bar to see it. Check it out. P.S. if you roll over the doors penguins will walk out of the buildings and talk to each other.

Click Here For Another Original CP Header

Here’s the header that miniclip used to use for club penguin. It’s pretty cool actually, i almost like it more than some of the newer headers on club penguin.

Click Here For the Old Miniclip Header

Here’s another club penguin ad that they used to use on miniclip.

Click Here For An Old Club Penguin Ad

Here’s a look at the old club penguin play button

The First Club Penguin Parties

Here’s a look at the town during some of the first parties ever held on club penguin. These parties both took place in the first year of club penguin. The parties are the original halloween party and the first ever christmas party. Check it out.

Halloween Party
Christmas Party

Also here’s a list of games that are now on club penguin. Some of the games weren’t even for club penguin when they were first made but club penguin changed them to make them work for club penguin. It’s kinda fun to play the games in their old versions.

Ballistic Bisquit/Hydro Hopper


Snail Mancala

Well that’s a pretty cool look back at the original club penguin for a lot of you who didn’t play club penguin when it first came out. I’ll add a little more stuff to this post over time so be sure to check back again for more cool old clubpenguin stuff

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