Puffle Handler Tracker For Club Penguin

This is the first ever puffle handler tracker for club penguin and it’s the only 2012 tracker that is actually developed to search all the servers every SINGLE SECOND while they are on CP.

If you don’t know who that is, well it’s one of the worlds most famous penguins and was first found in 2008 in the DS game. However this is the first time in the history that she is going to be on club penguin! She is also a secret agent and SUPER obsessed with puffles if you couldn’t guess haha so if you are able to use this AprilĀ 2012 puffle handler tracker and actually find her that is probably all she’s going to talk about! Maybe she will be giving away some kind of cool item that has to do with them too!

Here is the updated guide to find out where the puffle handler or ph is on club penguin right how, how do i find them, what server yadda yadda yadda… No more questions just look at the tracker below if you are wondering where is the puffle handler right now!


puffle tracker   Puffle Handler Tracker For Club Penguin

use to following code to add this to your website (paste the code below in either a text widget or the html tab of your blogs post/page)

<a href="http://penguincheatscp.com/puffle-handler-tracker"><img title="Find PH on CP" src="http://clubpenguinwidgets.com/images/puffle-tracker.gif" alt="puffle handler" /></a>

Also you can help in the hunt by joining the chat below:
Here she is on club penguin talking to the other famous penguin happy77 (one of the cp creators who we also have a tracker for!)


Here’s a closer look at her…

And finally a picture that shows what she looks like close up, probably a good think to know if you’re trying to find her using the Puffle Handler Tracker! This is one of the best images and pics we have seen yet so all you pengys should take note haha!

So be sure to bookmark this page and check back tommorrow because the tracker will be live by then! We are just finishing the final touches to make sure it is 100 percent accurate and you will know where the puffle handler is on club penguin right now or where her location is on the island!

Some tips for finding her location on the island during the party

First off you probably want to stick around the town and the plaza as those are the two most common places she visits.

Second the servers which penguin mascots visit the most often are the original “hot spots” that include sleet, mammoth, alpine, arctic, and zipline. Yukon and Bellyslide are also good servers to check often.

Third we recommened visitng our mascot tracking chat page because that way you can have over 100 people helping you hunt her down.

Last our final tip is to look for the servers which are full that usually are not. If a server that is usually open is randomly full then there is a good chance the famous penguin might be on that server!

Well hopefully this 2012 puffle handler tracker and guide will help you find her location right now on Club penguin. Check back often as our staff updates this page with tips and guides as they become available. Good luck and have fun during the 2012 party!

-Team Paintboy

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