Club Penguin Rookie Tracker – April 2012

The first and only 100% accurate club penguin Rookie Tracker is now released in April 2012 to help you find rookies location on club penguin! Also the Trackers will be updated in the next week for March!

rookie tracker8   Club Penguin Rookie Tracker   April 2012

You can also use this rookie tracker on your website or blog if you want by coping and pasting this code into your widgets or a post (use the html tab with your post not the visual tab)

<a href=""><img title="Find Rookie on CP" src="" alt="Rookie Tracker" /></a>

Who is rookie you ask? Well better known as the rookie agent is a “silly” PSA agent that tends to release classified information on accident.

Help us find him by chatting below:

You may know him also from his time as either a PSA or EPF agent. He also came to club penguin for the April 2012 party.

rookie   Club Penguin Rookie Tracker   April 2012

If you find him he will also give you a background like the one listed above!

The best way to find him is to first of use the only accurate and working tracker AKA the and 2012 Rookie Tracker!

Also be sure to keep checking various popular servers like Mammoth or Alpine as the famous penguins usually log into the most popular servers due to club penguin wanting the most people possible to meet these famous Penguins like Rookie!

Hopefully by using this tracker you will be able to find where is rookie right now on club penguin!

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