Sensei Tracker For Club Penguin

Sensei is one of the most famous penguins in all of club penguin and this 100% real working sensei tracker will help you find sensei on club penguin. This is a new April 2012 sensei tracker and it still works unlike a lot of other trackers. Also check back in a couple days for the updated May version!

This tracker is updated every few seconds. Check back for Sensei’s current location here.

Update: The famous ninja, Sensei is still on Club Penguin. check back often as he will come and visit Club Penguin on a regular basis now!

sensei tracker   Sensei Tracker For Club Penguin

You can also help Team Paintboy In the Search by using the chat group below:

Below are exclusive cheats to finding Sensei on Club Penguin:

1. The Sensei tracker is updated very quickly, and is almost always accurate. Click here to refresh the sensei tracker.

2. The Sensei can only be found in the Ninja Hideout. Don’t check any other rooms.

3. Sensei goes on crowded servers such as Blizzard, Mammoth, and Frozen. Each time he logs in he spends about 10 to 15 minutes on each server.

4. Sensei is always wearing a large brown rice hat, and has a gray beard and eyebrows.

5. The Sensei always has penguins crowding around him on Club Penguin. If you can’t see him, check the users in the room list. His name will be there and their will be a smiley face next to it.

6. The Sensei is always online when Club Penguin announces his arrival like in April 2012.

7. You can’t add the Sensei to your buddy list, but if you do find the Sensei, he will teach you a new move and give you an exclusive background.

This tracker should help if you want to know how to find sensei on club penguin or where sensei is on club penguin right now!

Bonus Tip: Use the Club Penguin Sensei Tracker Forum to immediately find the Sensei. The tracker is always updated and is almost always accurate.

Thanks to for providing the only real and accurate tracker. Be sure to check the actual tracker for 2012 and more.

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