September 2011 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

Hey Penguins,

The new club penguin style catalog cheats for September 2011 we’re released today so here’s all the hidden items cheats for the new catalog!

For the first cheat in the new club penguin, penguin style catalog you can click on the blue triangle on the banner and get the blue duck blow up pool toy!

The next club penguin cheat you can get is by clicking on the top of the mountain and getting the hidden green wheeler car!

After getting that hidden item you can click on the tree on the circled below for the cool mountain climbing summit boots!

The next club penguin cheat needs you to click on the top of the tree circled below for the gnarly helmet, which is pretty awesome if you ask me haha.

The next set of cheats you need to click on the candle on the left and you will get the options to buy a few different items.

For the next September 2011 clothing catalog cheat you just need to click on the rock that the pirate penguin is standing on! This will get you a lookout costume for club penguin.

The next clothing item cheat you click on the pavement i circled below.

This will let you buy the shore thing wig, probably better for girl penguins that boy penguins haha.

Last but not least are the return items which you have the last chance to buy in the September 2011 penguin style clothing catalog.

The first item you need to click on is the speaker on the right so that you can buy your penguin a black electric guitar.

After getting the hidden guitar cheat you can click on the ruins circled below which will get you the blue dragon feet!

Then you can click on the pink tiki mask for the cool blue double necked guitar!

Finally if you click on the yellow surf board you will get the purple bass guitar so you should probably have enough instruments now to make a pretty sweet club penguin band with some of your penguin friends!  TIME TO TAKE OVER THE NIGHT CLUB haha!

Well that’s all the cheats in the new club penguin clothing catalog aka the September 2011 penguin style catalog cheats! Hopefully this cheats guide helps you find all the hidden items you want to find!

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