New CP Penguin Of The Week Contest

Staff | February 3rd, 2010

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while but i finally got the new penguin of the week contest set up. It’s another mystery pic contest and the first person to guess it right will win penguin of the week and be featured on both and For more information and to see the [...]

Be An Author Of A Team Paintboy Website

Staff | November 18th, 2009

Do You Want to be an author on this site or another team paintboy website? If you do you can apply to be an author and you might get a chance to be a mod/author on a popular club penguin cheats site like paintboy100.wordpress,, or For more information and to apply you can [...]

Quick Updates On Club Penguin Cheats Sites

Staff | October 26th, 2009

Hey Penguins, I just wanted to let everyone know that i just got done moving CP club penguin cheats to a self hosted server! This means that it’s no longer on and i’ll be able to add a lot more stuff to the website that most club penguin cheats sites don’t have. Take my [...]

Better Igloo Catalog Hidden Items & Cheats

Staff | October 17th, 2009

Hey Penguins, [youtube=] Club penguin just released the new better igloo catalog for october and november of 2009 so here are all the hidden item cheats for the better igloo catalog.  Just so you know club penguin did it really big this time and added a ton of new club penguin cheats to this months [...]

Club Penguin Of The Week Contest

Staff | September 30th, 2009

Alright it’s time for the new club penguin of the week contest.  I decided to do another zoom in picture contest since everyone seems to like those.  So good luck to everyone and here it goes. So do you know what it is?  If you think you do leave a comment with what you think [...]

Some Quick Club Penguin Updates

Staff | September 29th, 2009

Hey guys i’m just going to update you on a few things. First off i’m going to be releasing the new club penguin of the week contest tonight/tomorrow. So be ready to be the first penguin to answer it correctly and you’ll penguin will be featured as the penguin of the week. This weeks penguin [...]