New Better Igloo Catalog Cheats – Club Penguin Secrets

Staff | November 20th, 2009

Club Penguin just posted the new better igloo catalog and we just got done collecting all the club penguin cheats for the new december 2009 better igloo catalog. Here’s how to find all the secret items in the cp furniture catalog: The New Club Penguin Furniture Catalog was just released and we have all the [...]

New Penguin Style Catalog Cheats & Sled Pin

Staff | November 8th, 2009

Hey Penguins, I’m re posting this because last time i posted it it didn’t work for some reason. So here’s all the new club penguin cheats and secrets for the new november – december 2009 clothing catalog aka the penguin style catalog. BUT before the new penguin style catalog cheats here’s where you can find [...]

Better Igloo Catalog Hidden Items & Cheats

Staff | October 17th, 2009

Hey Penguins, [youtube=] Club penguin just released the new better igloo catalog for october and november of 2009 so here are all the hidden item cheats for the better igloo catalog.  Just so you know club penguin did it really big this time and added a ton of new club penguin cheats to this months [...]