Write For This Website and Become a Famous Author!

Hey Penguins,

We’ve added a new feature to our website during our redesign that allows anyone to have a chance to become an author on this website! You can register today and start writing posts that could be featured on the homepage of this website immediately! If your post or article gets selected by our team as a great article we will publish it on this website with your penguins name and also add you as a permanent author on the website and a member of team paintboy!

NOTE: We have decided we only want top quality posts on this website.  Small meaningless posts are not wanted.  Our team want’s to concentrate on the important posts like Catalog Cheats, Mission Guides, Party Cheats, & Big Updates.  Also editorial posts like “The History of Club Penguin” or “Top 5 Tips For getting More Coins” are Very Good types of posts. For example small updates like a new homepage design or epf message should be combined into one large Update Post. It’s better to have one larger post than 3 small ones!

Some tips for making a great article that we will publish.

  • Write Your Own Words! Do NOT copy and paste the words from another website, you can write about the same stuff just make sure you write it and don’t copy!
  • Use pictures in your posts! Our users love having good pictures to go with their guides and posts so that is a plus! Videos are great to include as well!
  • Be Fast! If you are the first person to write about the new catalog cheats, party cheats, field ops mission, or news you will probably be published and added as a Team Paintboy Author!
  • Write at least a few paragraphs! Having posts with only a few sentences will not be approved and may lead to you being removed as an author.

What are some benefits of writing on this website?

  • Over 25 Million Readers All Time! This is the most view club penguin website of all time! It started in 2006 and ranks in the top 3 in google for almost every club penguin term!
  • Our top authors are regularly given free memberships and items from Paintboy100!
  • Get Followed By Paintboy100 on twitter!
  • Access to Special Team Paintboy Accounts!
  • Exclusive Parties and Secret News/Guides only for Team Paintboy Authors!

So are you interested in becoming an author for this website? Well sign up today and start writing good posts using the tips from above and maybe you will have your articles posted on this website and then become a Team Paintboy author! You will be able to write articles and posts as soon as you sign up, then our staff can look at them and approve them to be published on this website right away if they meet Team Paintboy standards!

If you are interested in becoming an author send an email to authors@clubpenguincc.com with the following information

1) Your Penguin Name

2) Your Website or Links to Post’s You Have Written

3) Your Twitter (if you have one)

4) Your Youtube (if you have one)

5) Your Google Plus (if you have one)

5) Any Information about You that would make you a good author

Thanks and Good luck!